some_text TANGEDCO has introduced Online application filing of New Service Connection in respect of HT service connection through Web Portal.

Kindly go through the following procedure before filing the application..
  • The applicant has to select the type of application and fill in the required details in Form 4 prescribed by TNERC and submit the application and upload the supporting documents as prescribed in the Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code through the web portal.

  • On submitting the application, the ‘Acknowledgement' would be generated along with the ‘Application Reference Number'.Web links to print the submitted application form and ‘Acknowledgement Notice' are provided in the portal. The status of the application can also be viewed through the webportal.

  • Online application filing Proceeding (English)

  • Click here to know more about the HT APPLICATION PROCESS FLOW

  • Forms for download:

    1) Consent letter format for "Other than owner" category - Form5

    2) Indemnity bond for "Other than owner" category if the owner consent letter is not submitted.- Form6

    3) HT Agreement format.- Form8

    4) OTR/RTR format

  • CEIG Contractors List

    To View the approved list of CEIG Contractors for the inspection of internal installations - Click here

  • Voltage level to avail supply

    Voltage level to avail supply of electricity under different categories - Click here

For filing online Click here